Edmonton Acupuncture by Wendy Stalker

Acupuncture for Health is an Edmonton acupuncture clinic. Wendy Stalker is a graduate of the MacEwan University three year acupuncture program. Wendy also holds a degree with a Major in Family Studies from the University of Alberta. The combination of life experience and education helped to her build a practice based on honouring and treating the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of health.

Wendy’s dedication and commitment to her clients’ health and well-being is valued and appreciated by those who seek her help. Her deep understanding of acupuncture and the calming and soothing clinic environment create a setting that supports healing.

Acupuncture can help you regain and maintain your health. It is ancient medicine that works.

Make Wendy your practitioner for your next Edmonton acupuncture visit.

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Acupuncture For Health
Edmonton Acupuncture Clinic
11627 - 111 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
T5G 0E2
Registered Acupuncturist Wendy Stalker, R.AC.;DIP.AC.;B.SC

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